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Out of my Routine..

I’m back ! Wow…being out of my normal routine has really screwed me up !!!

I went out-of-town for work all of last week, which was also supposed to be my first “official” week of training. I had good intentions…really, I did. I thought I would dive into my training and catch up on the blogging world. HA !


I did neither ! Instead…I acted as if I was on vacation. Hot bubble baths every night, followed up with relaxation and my Kindle on the couch. Yep! I was definitely in vacation mode and NOT training mode.

… but…

I returned. And as a birthday gift to myself…I gave myself a swift kick in my saggy ass and got out there on the trails.

No more time for excuses….the race will be here before I know it.!!

** On a side note…. Out with friends this weekend. And the only one in the group who gets carded ?? ME !! ūüôā Happy Birthday to ME !!!

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And…we’re signed up !

It’s official…I have signed up for the 25k Fools Run in April. ¬†It’s crazy how that after a frustrating day at the place that employs me…how ENERGIZED I was after signing up for the race. ¬†I immediately pulled out my planner and my training schedule to review. ¬†I was pretty sure that I had a couple weeks of wiggle room in my training schedule, but it turns out I was pretty WRONG! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for no unplanned craziness such as broken legs or pneumonia…

Being all pumped up and ready to go…calls for celebration!! What better way to celebrate than a Latte and a lil something, something for my commute home.

My weakness..

What can I say about that picture ? Ummm….I guess there’s nothing TO SAY! I fuckin love Starbucks Dark Chocolate covered Graham crackers. ¬†And by the number of wrappers I pulled out of my car this evening….I’ve had a pack each day for the past 4 days. ¬†I’m not going to try and justify why it’s ok that I’ve weakened to these luscious treats. ¬†All I will say is I’m going to try and do better…

Finally…I was so pumped about getting ready for April’s race that I needed to get these legs moving and acclimated with this damn cold weather. ¬†After a visit to the gym yesterday I have OFFICIALLY (again) realized that there is NO way in HELL that I will be training on the treadmill. ¬†I get this weird nervous, off balance, euphoric ( not the good kind ) feeling and I hate it ! I can’t concentrate on my run at all. ¬†I thought maybe if I pump my arms more and really get into my run it would make it better and keep my mind distracted. ¬†Nope ! Instead it just made for an embarrassing sight as I bumped the Emergency STOP button with my elbow!

Time to Woman up and face the road! I bundled me self up….strapped on my new head lamp and faced the frigid night….

I only got 2 miles in when I realized that I couldn’t feel my face and my nose snot was freezing to my cheeks. ¬†That’s ok though…now I know I just need a scarf or some other fancy sporty cover up my face thingy and we will be in business!!!

Let the training commence !!….

So what if I look like a dork!?...All in the name of Training!

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And let us begin…

Tomorrow is the day. ¬†The day to officially put the plan into motion. ¬†I have my lunch packed, my gym bag ready to go, and dinner planned. ¬†All I have to do is get up, do the work thing, and get this body to the gym and to the trails and repeat for the next 6-8 months. As I read on a fellow bloggers site…she was talking about how the actual accomplishment that we work towards always seems to be a bit of let down, but the enjoyment and fulfillment is really in the journey. ¬†I really couldn’t agree more. ¬†Though crossing the finish line is an amazing feeling, the days of training and the moments of improvement, another mile notched on the belt is unmeasurable. ¬†So when I write…”repeat for the next 6-8 months”…this isn’t meant to sound like ” boo-hoo” look at all the time I have to put into to accomplish x, y or z….but more like ” sorry about your fuckin luck ” if you haven’t found something as worthy of your time to pour your heart and soul into.

I have whined my last bitch cry for the cold weather this isn’t written in stone.¬†, and complained for the last time of my long days. ¬†It’s time to put on the battle gear and go in head strong! I’m ready…and more psyched then I have been in a long time. ¬†

Like I have mentioned before. ¬†My BIG..” I will shit my pants” if I finish goal for 2012 is a 50k. ¬† There are mini-big goals along this road. ¬†The first big not so fuckin mini¬†goal, stepping stone along the road will commence on April 1st. ¬†The Fools 50k/25k trail race that I will be traveling back to Ohio to do. ¬†I asked my Uncle to run this 25k with me. ¬†He was my inspiration to start running and though he is a seasoned marathoner, he has yet to get muddy. ¬†He welcomed the invite without hesitation. ¬†While home on Holiday.. I got an unexpected surprise. ¬†My brother, who just happens to be my world said that he would like to do the race with me also. ¬†Awesome ! His birthday is 4/2, what better birthday gift to give to himself then this race ( with ME! ) ha!

I won’t lie….I might have a bit more vinegar in my training water now that I know that he will be running this race also. ¬†Growing up, he was basically the Boy Wonder in our family. ¬†This is ok though…I’m thankful for the added push this will give me. ¬†Don’t get me wrong…beating him is not my goal, but keeping up..is.

As I started writing this…I was surprised yet AGAIN. ¬†My other …coulda been, shoulda been, would pass for, but isn’t blood related brother has jumped on board too. ¬†Aaron is a very close friend of mine and my brothers. ¬†This is truly turning into a family affair. ¬†Let the training begin….and let this race seperate the women from the boys!

Aaron, Me, and my brother Jimmy

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Filling my Void…

Ever been an addict ? Have an addiction that consumes you? Fantasize about your next moment that you can get your fix ? ¬†Addictions are real, they are haunting. ¬†I’m not so self-absorbed to know that there are much worse addictions to have than the one I had with food. But an addiction it was. ¬†All consuming is not an exaggeration. ¬† Being embarrassingly honest here is not easy. ¬†But I write this for me, not for you.

Food had always been ….well….everything to me. ¬†It’s what I used to celebrate. ¬†It’s what I used to comfort. ¬†It’s what I used to have fun. ¬†I’ve typed and erased this next line at least 10 times….ugh, but here it is. ¬†It was the first thing I would think about when waking up. ¬†I don’t know where this battle came from, but it has¬†had it’s grips on me tight!

I have a memory of being young and food being my comfort even back then. ¬†I was home alone at night with my brother and my parents were out. ¬†He was upstairs sleeping without a care in the world. I was down on the couch, scared..hearing every creaky noise in that old house. On the couch I had a blanket pulled up over my head. ¬†I remember thinking…the only thing in the world that will get me through this…..are the left over sausages from dinner. ¬†This is a true story. ¬†Who thinks like this ? I jumped up and ran to the kitchen and took the cold little breakfast sausages that were still in the pan. ¬†Back under the blanket I went…nibbling on those sausages like they had super powers to protect me from any intruder that would show up.

I’m guessing that this is how other addictions manifest themselves too. ¬†A constant battle. ¬†The moments that were always associated ¬†with food…which in my case…were all the moments but sleeping….now seem a bit more empty.

I’m writing all of this out of a realization I had the other day.

As of lately all I do is think, dream and talk of crazy trail races. ¬†Big plans of training and booking dates to look forward to. ¬†My partner looks at me and says ” I just don’t get it. So you are paying money to run a distance that you’ve ALREADY accomplished?”

” Why?”

I have some reasons that I would list. ¬†I like the comradery of the races. ¬†Something to work towards. Meeting new people. The competition against myself. Bla, Bla, Bla…!

It wasn’t until the other night when the computer was put down and I jumped up to get a snack did it start setting in. ¬†First…I just ate, I’m not hungry. 2nd – I have a tiny stomach, of course I’m not fuckin hungry. ¬†3rd- I’ve never needed to be hungry in the past to eat. 4th. I still had my snack. ¬†And 5th. ¬†Holy Shit!! I’ve been doing this every night !!

Pick the computer back up and look for another race!!

Nothing makes me feel more alive than running on a trail. When I’m done…I can take on the world. ¬†The planning, training and everything that leads up to that day is all part of it. ¬†And….it keeps me busy, keeps me focused. ¬†When I’m engaged in the whole process, I have no time to think about the absence of something that was such a huge part of my life.

If we take away something that is such a huge part of us, and don’t replace it ….we are left feeling empty. ¬†What a horrible feeling.

Did I just self analyze myself ??? Ahhhh….a smile to my face. ¬†Damn…I really am amazing!

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A step up on 2012…

I’m here playing around with my 2012 calendar and trying to get ready for the New Year. ¬†Wanting to make the most of everything that I have control over. As I was doing this I opened up my computer and started reflecting back on all of the other New Years and grand resolutions that always seemed to fall short. ¬†And usually they fell short very fast. ¬†I would always say ( like most of us, I’m sure ) Jan 1st is THE DAY! It’s when I’m going to start becoming the person I want to be.

I feel so good that for the first time in ….well…ummm…FOREVER..I’ve broken the cycle. ¬†I’m not waiting…haven’t been waiting for the New Year. ¬†I’ve already begun working on where I want to be and damn it feels good. ¬† Following is an email that I sent out Jan 1st 2009 to a group of friends who had expressed wanting to accomplish certain things in their lives. ¬†It was interesting to re-read and see how far I’ve come and the distance that I still need to go.

‚Äú Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.‚ÄĚ

Day #1 of the new us! How exciting is this journey going to be of becoming the people that we want to be?? I feel different this time around, and actually feel energized about the possibilities.¬† As this New Year approached, I started off by saying ‚ÄúI‚Äôm not going to tell anyone my goals for the New Year‚ĶI‚Äôm just going to do it.‚Ä̬† That seemed like such a safe, smart thing to do‚Ķbecause if I failed‚Ķnobody would ever have to know I failed.¬† I really am a sneaky genius! I set myself up for failure before even beginning‚Ķ..


NOT AGAIN!…NOT ANOTHER YEAR of the same old empty promises to ourselves. So instead of keeping my goals to myself‚ĶI shout them out across this mass mailing. Because life is just too damn short to waste another year of half ass tries. So please help me and support me and I will do the same for you.¬† A friend said ‚Äú I just want my life to be BALANCED‚ĶI just want to be WELL.‚Ä̬† She wasn‚Äôt sure if it made sense to me.¬† It made more sense to me then she could have ever known. Because I don‚Äôt feel ‚Äúwell‚ÄĚ.¬† I have felt OFF-Balance for longer than I can remember, and I know that my physical health is just the beginning.¬† I think that all of our individual goals are the little steps that we are climbing to reach that over all ‚ÄúBalanced Life‚ÄĚ.¬† So whatever our goals are..Losing weight,¬† being more patient, leaving a bad relationship, we owe it to ourselves to start working on that goal TODAY! Life is just too short to put it off any longer‚Ķ‚Ķ.

We have the goal in our heads…how are we going to achieve it? Because it sure in the hell isn’t going to happen by itself.  If we don’t have a plan and work that plan it will just be another day, another week, another year of not being the person we want to be. 

** I have my January 2012- mapped out with the official beginning of my training …for my ultimate goal of completing a 50k trail race this year. ¬†And I’m more pumped than ever !!¬†

Have you thought about how you are going to get to where you want to go ?? 

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I have officially decided on my first race for 2012. ¬†This will force me to train through the bitter cold months. ¬†( fingers crossed for a mild winter ) April 1st- ¬†The Fools 50K ( but I will be doing the 25k ) This should be a good stepping stone for my ultimate goal of doing a 5oK. ¬†I will commence my official training January 2nd. ¬†So mark your calendars…because I know you will all be waiting with bated breath for my training updates.

Tonight…was Spinning class # 3 . ¬†I won’t play tough….it kicked my ass. ¬†Wobbly legs with close calls of them giving out, mixed with urges of vomiting on myself, made it awesome ! ..GREAT times ! But damn if I don’t feel awesome when all is said and done. ¬†Super Spinning Instructor Rita keeps me coming back. Well….her and the close calls of vomiting…because who can deny that type of excitement?!

Rita’s loud motivations into the microphone keep me pedaling. ¬†Not always fast and hard…but always moving.




And so far I’m enjoying her playlists. ¬†Though not a big fan of her warm-up song tonight. ¬†“Red Solo Cup” . ¬†Really ?!?!

The moment that got me going tonight? Rita yells ……. ” DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE ???? ” ¬†And on it comes….

Music…motivation for the soul. ¬†Jules asked about songs and playlists. ¬†Well… I truly love everything. ¬†Love acoustic stuff …hip hop, country, even the romantic sap. Love it all ! ¬†So let’s share….shall we.. ?

This is my playlist that I made to get me through my half marathon :

Sky – Joshua Radin ( featuring Ingrid Michaelson )

Pretty Vegas – INXS

Make Her Say – Kid Cudi

Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster – Kanye West

Fire it Up – Modest Mouse

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

Faster – Matthew Nathanson

Don’t Give up on me now – Ben Harper

Something To Be – Rob Thomas

Till I Collapse – Eminem

Everyday – Dave Matthews

Missed the Boat – Modest Mouse

Dare you to Move – Switch Foot

Praise You – Fat Boy Slim

Pumped up Kicks – Foster the People

Lose Yourself – Eminem

So Right – Dave Matthews

Beautiful – Eminem

Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine

Shake Ya Tail Feather – Murphy Lee & Nelly

Creep – Radiohead

S&M – Rihanna

Show me what I’m Looking For – Carolina Liar

Feeling Good – Muse

You Get what you Give Р New Radicals

It Don’t Matter – Donavon Frankenreiter

Ok….so now it’s your turn. What’s on your playlist ?

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Winter Training …

I DREAD it !!

If it seems like I’ve been spending a lot of time complaining about the cold weather and how it’s playing a big role in all of my “issues” aka = lazy ass syndrome. ¬†It’s because I HAVE. ¬†And you only have 3 more good solid months of my bitching and complaining. ¬†I’m trying to do better…get into a better mind set, but it’s COLD OUT THERE damn it !!!! Brrrrr…..

I did make some progress this weekend. ¬†I started looking at races and trying to begin planning my 2012 race schedule. ¬†Training keeps me motivated. ¬†Makes me stick to what I want to achieve. ¬†But I’m honestly scared of committing. Training through the winter is going to be miserable ! At least I’m assuming so …since I HATE being cold. ¬†Do you have experience training through the winter months? Tell me it’s not so bad…

I’ve heard from ” Liz” a couple of times. ¬†Remember she’s the Ultra Super Woman who owns an Endurance Coaching Company with her husband. She was wondering ¬†if I was still interested in coaching. ¬†I had told her that It was probably not realistically in my budget. ¬†And since that’s one of my big goals for 2012 = to use my brain more. ¬†I would probably be holding off on the professional training. ¬†She obviously believes that I am a running prodigy with even more potential. Not sure how she got all of that from just talking to me on the phone…but it’s very apparent that she’s got the insight. ¬†She has said ” I will work with you….and make sure you achieve what you set out to do.” I’m thinking…she must ¬†see some racing sponsorship possibilities in my future. ¬†Or…..like the rest of us, hard economical times have hit her business too.

Either way…I’m pumping up myself for Saturday’s race! My goal is to have a better idea of race dates by the weekend and move forward with planning to plan ” The Plan”. !

Me... with my Game Face on...

Let’s talk winter training plans….

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The List of realizations…

My intentions are good….and my desire is real. ¬†Yet…my follow through is shitty at best. ¬†Yes..SHITTY! ¬† I’m not always this hard on myself, but I will call it like it is. ¬†My goals and mind-set have been compromised. ¬†By what ? I keep going back to colder weather and darker days. ¬†But really? ¬†Is it the winter slump that has me so damn lazy ?

Ugh…more than anything, I hate people who do nothing more than make excuses. ¬†Whenever I hear people ramble on about how their life didn’t turn out how they had expected. The response in my head is always the same .. ” Quit your bitching and change what you don’t like!!”

I have tons of wisdom and awesome advice….but following my own grand tid bits has always been a struggle. ¬†I think we all battle this to an extent. ¬†But I reign myself Queen in this department. ¬†I want to change this. ¬†Very simply, I want to do better. ¬†And I can….will. Figure out what’s not working…and change it.

90% of the battle is mental.  I believe this with everything.  Your mental attitude will either build you or break you.

Ever feel that your goals are unjustified? Not important in the whole scheme of things…? Months of training. ¬†Hours taken away from family and friends to be devoted to ….yourself. All to prove to yourself that you can run a certain distance? ¬†Finish in a certain time? Transform your body into something different? ¬†I don’t have an answer…but I wonder if others struggle with the same issues that I do.

I signed up for a 10k trail race next weekend. ¬†Determined to go out with guns blazing…to really give it my best competitive try. I knew I had to prepare and start training for this. ¬†A WEEK before ? yea…my plans are very sporadic¬† as of late. ¬†I do know this. ¬†I got up this morning with good intentions of scoping out the race location and giving the trail a pre-race go. ¬† Got dressed in my running gear with an extra layer. ¬†Because after all, ¬†my running has suffered because of my lazy ass the weather.

After 2 hours of trying to find this hidden gem where the race will commence….My amped up pms’d attitude had, had enough ! Found it..saved it in the GPS and back home I came.

Here’s what I’m realizing today…

1.) I will not be standing on any winners podiums next weekend.

2.) I WILL know how to get there.

3.) That you need to : ” Plan your work, and then work your plan.”

4.) I have no fuckin plan.

5.) How liberating it is to be able to say what I want…because it’s MY blog.

6.) fuckin…<< just for the fun of it.

7.) Lists can be fun.

8.) You can never end a list on #8

9.) That I work better with a structured, written out training plan that keeps me focused.

10.) I need to get my mind..back in MY game….and start planning THE PLAN!

” If you do what you’ve always done, You will get what you’ve always gotten. ”¬†

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Serve me up a Slice…

… of Humble Pie.

Trying to figure out the best way to cross train and get into some type of schedule.  ( Something tells me this might be a long ongoing process ) My shins are still feeling my Thanksgiving 8 mile run.  So I decided to try something new today.  I had always wanted to try a Spinning Class.  What better time than the present?

Here’s where I should be served up a slice…

Over this past year I’ve lost 125 lbs. ¬†As a fat girl all of my life…to a thinner version… it’s a whole new world. ¬†Little, simple things that average sized people take for granted, are like new gifts everyday. ¬†Wearing a belt, tucking in a shirt , Running without massive boob pain afterwards…the list is never ending. ¬†All of the things that I never experienced, along with settling into my new body…takes a toll on your stride…your walk. ¬†Yes, your walk. ¬†I walk a little taller. ¬†My shoulders back and my head a bit higher. ¬†I make eye contact. Then…throw in completing a half marathon? Well….I might add a little shake to my strut. ¬†Why do I tell you this? Because it’s the truth..a realization. ¬†And well …because I know none of you, and can say so with no shame or embarrassment. ¬†Don’t get me wrong. ¬†I don’t believe for a second that I’m full of myself or better than anyone. ¬†But … I’m guessing I started to have a more than a tiny ¬†tiny bit of an unrealistic athletic perception of myself. ¬†” well…Yes, I did just run the Philly half marathon. ¬†Now I’m training for trail races. ¬†A 50k is in my future.” ¬† As I respond to comments on my hm running jacket that I wear EVERYWHERE ! ¬†… yes, add the jacket..and it’s like throwing gasoline on an already blazing fire.

So… imagine my surprise when I had to sit in my saddle for most of the Spinning class. ¬†Actual thoughts went through my head wondering if it was a normal feeling to want to vomit ? Reality checks are good. Even needed. I’m not too proud to say that a piece of Humble pie is exactly what my mind was craving. ¬†I need to be kept in check…but at the same time reminding myself how far I’ve come. ¬†A work in progress….always.

ONE more crazy realization….

That ” Humble Pie” …is an actual PIE!

1 unbaked pie shell, fit into a pie pan (made from scratch or purchased)




  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Peel, core and dice apples.
  3. Mix with the cranberries and brown sugar.
  4. Place into pie shell.
  5. Place the walnuts in a processor and pulse for 5 seconds.
  6. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until blended but still crumbly. (You can also chop the nuts by hand with the back of a large spoon and blend them with the rest of the ingredients.).
  7. Spoon topping over the pie and bake for 20 minutes at 425 degrees, then turn oven down to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes more.
  8. Cover top with foil to prevent from darkening too much.
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The Goal … And the Price to get it ?

I want to run an Ultra- Trail Race. ¬†There it is ! No reason to build it up with suspense for some non fulfilling climax. ¬†A 50k to be exact. ¬†Why or how I picked that race? Not really sure. ¬†I think it’s as simple as …I’ve done a half marathon, the next expected race for me would be the marathon. ¬†I hate doing expected and assuming. ¬†If I’m going to do 26.2 , why not just be a bit of an over achiever¬†and go for the 31 ? Of course there’s always the 50 miler or 100k …but let’s be honest…that’s just fucking nuts ! ( keep checking back to see when I decide to lose my mind )

The half marathon for me was pretty cut and dry. ¬†Find a plan, and then work the plan. ¬†The 50k trail has so many more aspects. ¬†It’s not just about going the distance, but being able to tolerate the time on your feet and fueling your body properly. ¬†There is a lot that goes into preparing for an Ultra. ¬†I have a few added challenges, because I’m still learning my tiny belly and what it can handle during ¬†endurance training. ¬†I want to prepare properly and finish…alive. ¬†A ” DNF”… is something that is not an option. ¬†I will NOT work months, greet race day with a competitive smile and then go home with a DNF…nope.

So here I am… kind of walking around in circles, a tiny bit lost. ¬†Where do I start?? I’m thinking of following a marathon training plan, incorporating strength training, and then will have to start digging into nutritional needs. ¬†Will I need a crew ? With all of the info on the web…I can’t seem to find a true Beginners Ultra training plan that covers everything. ¬†Into my crazy thought process I find Elizabeth ¬†a trainer in my area that does just this type of thing. ¬†Training for whatever your adventure/endurance goal may be. ¬†I will call her “Liz” to protect her identity. ¬† ¬†Liz is an Ultra running pro with many 100 mile races under her belt. ¬†Do I go as far as spending some $$ on someone who is versed in this whole craziness or tackle this myself ? ¬†How much is reasonable to invest in my crazy goal ?

Trainer or No Trainer ??

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