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Training… Is great……….



I LOVE training in the blistering, breath taking COLD ! … There’s just something about the pain in your lungs that distracts you from all else….


Right?? ….


As you can tell I might be trying to convince myself a bit.  I can’t remember if I said in a previous post or not that I would stop complaining about Winter Training.  If I did…I’m sorry.  I’m a liar.  Because winter training sucks ASS !! Big bone chilling ASS !


I’m doing it though…I have no choice.   I signed up for the April Fools race and I will not show up unprepared.  I ran outside on Tuesday night.  It was in the high 30’s, low 40’s and perfect.  ( as perfect as winter running can be for me. ) Tonight I have to do 5 miles…and it’s going to be in the teens.  Yippee, fuckin Skippee ! Can’t wait !!


Tonights commute will consist of loud playing, crazy music to get me pumped.  I need to get into warrior mode ! I have secret motivations in my head that will push me through this. 


Mental notes….to prepare for the fun run tonight…


                A Latte on the way home ….is “ fuel “ ..I will drink it with no guilt !


                On the way home…play songs to pump me up.  Find focus in Battle Mode !


                Don’t feel bad about corny “ warrior” & “ battle” references…this is MY world !


                Suck it up ..and put on an extra layer of clothes! You are running 5 miles in the cold.  Not climbling some crazy   mountain in 30 below! – You WILL survive.


                Nothing feels better than when you are done ! Keep reminding yourself of that feeling!


                Final reminder….April is right around the corner!!! NO TIME FOR EXCUSES !!!

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Free for All ..

So … I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting my butt motivated lately.  I have good intentions…but my follow through has been…well…non-existent!  I pack my bag the night before anticipating my early morning trip to the gym.  The alarm goes off and I instantly hit snooze! … I justify my non-movement by thinking ” it’s way too cold to get out of this bed.”  What is wrong with me ?? Have the winter blues set in already ?  A bit too early in the season, no ?? Ok…so plan B !! Gym AFTER work.  I’ve been super lucky recently because on all of my Plan B days…I’ve been stuck in traffic for 2 hours or more…which is a definite acceptable excuse to skip the gym..right ??

I’m so scared of getting into winter hum drum of doing NOTHING! I know it’s early…but I really want to get into a routine. How do you stay motivated during this season? With it getting darker earlier, cold outside.  What’s your secret?

Today I packed my bag and went straight to the gym after work.  Round 2 of Spinning class…. was AWESOME! The instructor rocked the class, was really motivating and I felt so much better going into it then last time. Maybe it was the Pump Fuel that I consumed on my commute home. Maybe it was Rita’s <( Super Spin Instructor ) peppy motivational ” Push yourself !! This is about YOU!” or/and her kick ass music playlist.  Whatever it was ..it pushed me, had me walking out of there feeling AMAZING!!

One of my favorite parts of the class tonight was when Rita yells ” NUGENT” !!!!! into her microphone as this comes blaring out..

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