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The ” Kathy Hill ” …

How am I ever going to become a famous blogger if I can never remain consistent ?? I guess it’s a good thing that, that’s not my dream in life. ..

Life gets busy…I’m sorry If I’ve left anyone hanging.. ( Mom )

I have been traveling a lot for work and I have been doing pretty good with staying on track with my training schedule.  Yesterday I did my 8 mile run and it was awesomely beautiful !! The weather here in NJ lately is what I consider perfect winter weather!! Sunny, and 50 ! ….continue on please !!!

Today I did my short 3 mile run at reservoir again and it was another great day.  I started a new ritual yesterday when I run here.  Conquer the ” Kathy Hill ” !! The ” Kathy Hill” is named this because she’s a friend of ours that happened to be hiking with us the first time I went up this hill.  PURE HELL ! It was the summer before my surgery and we were just walking the trail and proceeded to go up this hill.  Only walking mind you.  I wasn’t half way up the hill when I truly thought I might die.  Kathy is a nurse and kept saying to me ” are you ok ?? ” .  I’m guessing she was concerned because I couldn’t breathe and my face was purple.  My chest felt like it would explode.  I swore …never again will I be going up that damn hill.  It’s out to kill me !!

Well…I would never attempt that hill again…carrying the extra 130 lbs.

Yesterday after my 8 mile run..I decided to revisit that bitch of a hill.  This time I RAN all the way up it…stopped at the top …took solace in my smile, enjoyed the view and ran back down it.  No heart palpitations, no oxygen starved face…nothing but excitement and some sore quads.  Amazing !

I plan to run that hill every chance I get …and be thankful every single time that I can.



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Fight Club ..

Why am I associating my new (beginners) running club with ..Fight Club ?? I have NO idea…but I am !  For some reason every time I think about or mention “running club” – Fight Club pops in my head.  Crazy..I’ve never even seen the movie ! Maybe it’s my inner struggle that sublimely keeps telling me to keep fighting? or..maybe I just want to  feel cool like the guys in Fight Club?  ( that’s probably more like it )

Anyway…last night was my first meeting with the group.  The first actual meeting was last week, but like all of you know I was in Boston.  Of course at the beginning it was just like I kind of feared it would be.  Everyone seemed to make fast friends last week, and were all chatting it up about last week, their runs for the week, who is now BFF’s with who…bla bla.  There seemed to have  been clique’s already.  Now if I knew that last week was the official “bonding” session and everyone would fastly <( don’t think this is an actual word, but I like it just the same ) fall in love with one another I would have flew home early from Boston to be apart of the love fest.  So I’m definetly probably being overly a little over dramatic, but it was a little disappointing.  No worries though…I migrated to a group ( the larger people, who looks like they might be on the slower side group) and chimed in with a witty line.  ” ummm, soooo…how long did you guys run for last week?”   Ok…maybe not so witty, but at least I was talking to a group…now known as the ” cool kids group” !

So fight club was a rude awakening to just how out of shape I truly am.  But as we were running ( and I was about to collapse ) one of the girls mentioned that she just ran her first 5K…and then corrected herself and said ” well more like walked and stumbled my first 5K ” and I KNEW I was in the right group. :)

Tomorrow night is the clubs April meeting and I would actually love to go..but I have a work thing at night, so I can’t.  I’m really hoping to get involved as much as I can, and feel comfortable with because It feels kind of cool to be a part of a “club”.  Am I dork? …maybe….but that won’t stop me from ordering a official club jacket !! lol

It’s kind of funny.  From all of the running blogs that I read of my blogging friends, sometimes I feel like a running expert ( in my mind only of course! ).   Whether it’s about marathons, the benefits of running, or even barefoot running..I feel like I know it all.  In my mind I run effortlessly…( for more than 4 minutes at a clip), 5K’s seem totally doable and my 1/2 marathon is not out of the question.  BUT…once I start shuffling these feet, I’m smacked in the face by reality.  Either way…. my loyal followers keep pushing me on, and I thank you!!

“Hey, you created me. I didn’t create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better. Take some responsibility!”

-Fight Club

** This post was from April 2010-  What a difference a year and a half can make. 

My first half marathon 9/2011

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