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The ” Kathy Hill ” …

How am I ever going to become a famous blogger if I can never remain consistent ?? I guess it’s a good thing that, that’s not my dream in life. ..

Life gets busy…I’m sorry If I’ve left anyone hanging.. ( Mom )

I have been traveling a lot for work and I have been doing pretty good with staying on track with my training schedule.  Yesterday I did my 8 mile run and it was awesomely beautiful !! The weather here in NJ lately is what I consider perfect winter weather!! Sunny, and 50 ! ….continue on please !!!

Today I did my short 3 mile run at reservoir again and it was another great day.  I started a new ritual yesterday when I run here.  Conquer the ” Kathy Hill ” !! The ” Kathy Hill” is named this because she’s a friend of ours that happened to be hiking with us the first time I went up this hill.  PURE HELL ! It was the summer before my surgery and we were just walking the trail and proceeded to go up this hill.  Only walking mind you.  I wasn’t half way up the hill when I truly thought I might die.  Kathy is a nurse and kept saying to me ” are you ok ?? ” .  I’m guessing she was concerned because I couldn’t breathe and my face was purple.  My chest felt like it would explode.  I swore …never again will I be going up that damn hill.  It’s out to kill me !!

Well…I would never attempt that hill again…carrying the extra 130 lbs.

Yesterday after my 8 mile run..I decided to revisit that bitch of a hill.  This time I RAN all the way up it…stopped at the top …took solace in my smile, enjoyed the view and ran back down it.  No heart palpitations, no oxygen starved face…nothing but excitement and some sore quads.  Amazing !

I plan to run that hill every chance I get …and be thankful every single time that I can.



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