Out of my Routine..

I’m back ! Wow…being out of my normal routine has really screwed me up !!!

I went out-of-town for work all of last week, which was also supposed to be my first “official” week of training. I had good intentions…really, I did. I thought I would dive into my training and catch up on the blogging world. HA !


I did neither ! Instead…I acted as if I was on vacation. Hot bubble baths every night, followed up with relaxation and my Kindle on the couch. Yep! I was definitely in vacation mode and NOT training mode.

… but…

I returned. And as a birthday gift to myself…I gave myself a swift kick in my saggy ass and got out there on the trails.

No more time for excuses….the race will be here before I know it.!!

** On a side note…. Out with friends this weekend. And the only one in the group who gets carded ?? ME !! 🙂 Happy Birthday to ME !!!

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3 thoughts on “Out of my Routine..

  1. Welcome back! Rest and relaxation is good!! Happy birthday!

  2. bearrunner says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment. The Farmville updates seem to have settled down. Appears Facebook has done something about it finally?? Or maybe that is just me


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