To Run or Not to Run… that’s the ??

It’s Saturday morning and I’m supposed to be getting my ass out on the trail for a run.  The last ” un-official” run before the OFFICIAL training starts on Tuesday.  But here I am on the couch sipping on coffee.  I’ve been fighting some bug for two weeks now, and it’s driving me crazy!! One day I think I’m better and then the next I’m sniffling and feeling like crap again.  So here I am with the big debate of to run or not to run?

My favorite part of this debate? ….the coffee! God…I LOVE coffee…

But back to the question at hand.  To run or not to run ? I’m sure that If I DO run and my sickness really kicks in, my gf might start singing the words of ” I TOLD YOU SOOOO..”   BUT……I am  getting ready to leave for out-of-town for a week for work….SOOOO…I wouldn’t have to hear the song too long.  That’s obviously not the reason that I’m struggling with what to do.  I want my body to get better, to be 100% before jumping into the months of training I have a head of me.  BUT…WHEN will it be all better ? How far behind will I get in my training schedule ??

So many ” buts ” for a Saturday morning….!!

Oh, Wait a second…what is that I feel ?? CRAMPS ??? Oh YES< it does get better !!!!! Though I know that a good run always seems to fix THAT issue, I’m still wondering about compromising my teetering sick body.

Obviously what we need here ….is another cup of coffee… right back…

Ok…now let me just think about this out loud and work through this…

** If you are honest with yourself… really don’t feel that sick.

**  How many more beautiful days will you get like this during the winter ??  ** << ( I make the best points ! )

** We aren’t even into double digits of the New Year and you already really suck at your resolutions!  ( sometimes my points can be harsh) OUCH!

** Will the brisk, fresh air and sun shining down…  really going to be all that BAD for you? ( even in my thoughts I’m sarcastic..not sure I like that)

** It’s not like you are going out to run 10 miles with hill repeats!! …you just want to get those legs moving and check out a new trail.

** This second cup of coffee was a great idea…I truly am genius.

I could go on all day listening to myself think….but then I definitely won’t accomplish a damn thing!!!

It’s Saturday…I don’t have a fever…it’s beautiful out…and I have 2 Working Legs….

The decision has been made !!…

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7 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run… that’s the ??

  1. Whoo Hoo girl…I promise you will be feeling SO much BETTER after an awesome run! I promise!!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. I have that argument with myself every time I’m sick. My strategy is just go out for a mile, if I feel good, keep going, if it feels terrible, go home. Don’t let being sick make you feel guilty for missing a run, the body is smart and probably wants you to rest.

  3. Hope you got your run in! I did a bunch of running around…not quite the same though. I do, however, count it as exercise. lol Cheers!

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