And…we’re signed up !

It’s official…I have signed up for the 25k Fools Run in April.  It’s crazy how that after a frustrating day at the place that employs me…how ENERGIZED I was after signing up for the race.  I immediately pulled out my planner and my training schedule to review.  I was pretty sure that I had a couple weeks of wiggle room in my training schedule, but it turns out I was pretty WRONG! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for no unplanned craziness such as broken legs or pneumonia…

Being all pumped up and ready to go…calls for celebration!! What better way to celebrate than a Latte and a lil something, something for my commute home.

My weakness..

What can I say about that picture ? Ummm….I guess there’s nothing TO SAY! I fuckin love Starbucks Dark Chocolate covered Graham crackers.  And by the number of wrappers I pulled out of my car this evening….I’ve had a pack each day for the past 4 days.  I’m not going to try and justify why it’s ok that I’ve weakened to these luscious treats.  All I will say is I’m going to try and do better…

Finally…I was so pumped about getting ready for April’s race that I needed to get these legs moving and acclimated with this damn cold weather.  After a visit to the gym yesterday I have OFFICIALLY (again) realized that there is NO way in HELL that I will be training on the treadmill.  I get this weird nervous, off balance, euphoric ( not the good kind ) feeling and I hate it ! I can’t concentrate on my run at all.  I thought maybe if I pump my arms more and really get into my run it would make it better and keep my mind distracted.  Nope ! Instead it just made for an embarrassing sight as I bumped the Emergency STOP button with my elbow!

Time to Woman up and face the road! I bundled me self up….strapped on my new head lamp and faced the frigid night….

I only got 2 miles in when I realized that I couldn’t feel my face and my nose snot was freezing to my cheeks.  That’s ok though…now I know I just need a scarf or some other fancy sporty cover up my face thingy and we will be in business!!!

Let the training commence !!….

So what if I look like a dork!?...All in the name of Training!

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4 thoughts on “And…we’re signed up !

  1. bittercharm says:

    You not alone girl!

    Just to give you company (sorry for using you as an excuse), I dragged my lazy ass out in the cold today, for a 30 minutes warm up. I haven’t trained in outdoor in last 12 years. I always run on treadmill that too was done last about 11 months ago. It was hard not to start running right away but I know I need to take it step by step. No running for another 2 days, before I can really feel the wind in the hair.

  2. Frankie says:

    I can’t believe you ran outside in this weather! Color me impressed. I was planning to go home from work and start my “Get Frank Fit” Campaign. Then I sat in the car for twenty minutes freezing my butt off with the heat on and realized, it’s time to join a gym, because there’s no way I’m doing ANYTHING outside. I can barely walk the dog. Keep up the good work!

    • Muddy Socks says:

      Yes…I can’t deny it…it’s DAMN cold out there !! I need to start making the most of my gym membership. I was totally set on going tonight to take a Body Pump class. But I have a horrible stomach ache…must’ve been the chocolate Grahm crackers.. ( oops …did I say that out loud ?? )

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