Day 1..

The New Year is here.   It’s always an exciting time with the idea of a fresh start.  The day that we officially let our lives begin.

I thought for sure that I would make my New Years Post out to be a long numbered list.  I mean who doesn’t like lists ? It would be more compelling for my post and good for future follow-up.  “Ok….Have been successful so far at # 14, to put the laundry away as soon as it’s folded.”

But when I started to dig deeper I thought…If I have to put too much thought into my list, then those things must not be so important to me.  2012 is going to be about simplifying for me.  Starting with NOT  having a long drawn out Resolution List.

I have had a bad habit of doing things to the extreme.  Some days I chalk that up as a bad habit, on others I brag it up as a positive attribute.  None the less …it’s how I live.  Whatever interests me at the moment, you are sure to find piles of magazines and books next to my bedside on the subject.  If my new-found love is really going well I’ve been known to design t-shirts, build websites and order business cards.  Nothing really wrong with all of that except for the day that I wake up and a new grand passion has taken me over.  Now I have 1,450 business cards on my desk and I haven’t picked up my camera in over a year.  Money spent, time wasted…instead of just enjoying the moment.  That’s what 2012 will be about for me.  Enjoying the moment that I am in.  Reveling in what interests me at that second and not feeling bad if it changes 10 times in one day.  What brings Joy can never be a bad thing.  Unless your joy consists of chopping up body parts and sticking them in your fridge.   And not everything that brings you joy needs to be turned into your life long mantra with matching business cards.

I’ve simplified already.  No more stacks of once read books and mountains of magazines that I can’t seem to part with.  Thus I have just justified my early birthday gift .. My new Kindle.  Justification is in my blood what can I say?!

So my resolution list is simple.  I know that in order for your resolutions to be the most effective they should be as specific as possible.  But it’s my list…and I plan to implement them in all aspects of my world. I consider Vague to be the new black… So without further suspense my 2012 New Years Resolutions :

1.) To do my absolute Best at whatever I am doing..

2.) When I think I’ve done my best…push even harder.

3.) Don’t be lazy …and enjoy each moment I’ve been blessed with.

Each day is what you make of it…. make it nothing less than what you’ve dreamed it to be !

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5 thoughts on “Day 1..

  1. Happy New Year!
    Big ol’ day 1! It’s exciting! I think you have great resolutions. Revisit this post at the end of every month just to check in with yourself. I did that for my first post of the year in 2011, and I never forgot about the goal.
    I especially like your “don’t be lazy” resolution, I may need to copy that one.

  2. Muddy Socks says:

    Happy Day 1 to you !! Though my resolutions are vague…they are with purpose. I know all of the things that I need to be better at. Taking my vitamins…getting in my workouts in…spending more time with my family.. getting organized…saving money..etc. I just need to do it !! And I will…
    Ha…and NOT being lazy is the big one !

  3. aka Jules says:

    yep, my dreams do scare me… and that’s why I have had trouble putting them in writing, because that means I would have to commit.. omg. thanks for this post for now I have the insight that it’s scary because it’s big. still getting the courage to put it in writing…..


    • Muddy Socks says:

      Put it in writing …AND don’t wait another day to start working towards it!! ONE life…that’s all we get my friend. No ” do- overs” !!
      And no…I’m not an Aries. Capricorn here.

  4. aka Jules says:

    p.s. are you an aries too?

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