And let us begin…

Tomorrow is the day.  The day to officially put the plan into motion.  I have my lunch packed, my gym bag ready to go, and dinner planned.  All I have to do is get up, do the work thing, and get this body to the gym and to the trails and repeat for the next 6-8 months. As I read on a fellow bloggers site…she was talking about how the actual accomplishment that we work towards always seems to be a bit of let down, but the enjoyment and fulfillment is really in the journey.  I really couldn’t agree more.  Though crossing the finish line is an amazing feeling, the days of training and the moments of improvement, another mile notched on the belt is unmeasurable.  So when I write…”repeat for the next 6-8 months”…this isn’t meant to sound like ” boo-hoo” look at all the time I have to put into to accomplish x, y or z….but more like ” sorry about your fuckin luck ” if you haven’t found something as worthy of your time to pour your heart and soul into.

I have whined my last bitch cry for the cold weather this isn’t written in stone. , and complained for the last time of my long days.  It’s time to put on the battle gear and go in head strong! I’m ready…and more psyched then I have been in a long time.  

Like I have mentioned before.  My BIG..” I will shit my pants” if I finish goal for 2012 is a 50k.   There are mini-big goals along this road.  The first big not so fuckin mini goal, stepping stone along the road will commence on April 1st.  The Fools 50k/25k trail race that I will be traveling back to Ohio to do.  I asked my Uncle to run this 25k with me.  He was my inspiration to start running and though he is a seasoned marathoner, he has yet to get muddy.  He welcomed the invite without hesitation.  While home on Holiday.. I got an unexpected surprise.  My brother, who just happens to be my world said that he would like to do the race with me also.  Awesome ! His birthday is 4/2, what better birthday gift to give to himself then this race ( with ME! ) ha!

I won’t lie….I might have a bit more vinegar in my training water now that I know that he will be running this race also.  Growing up, he was basically the Boy Wonder in our family.  This is ok though…I’m thankful for the added push this will give me.  Don’t get me wrong…beating him is not my goal, but keeping

As I started writing this…I was surprised yet AGAIN.  My other …coulda been, shoulda been, would pass for, but isn’t blood related brother has jumped on board too.  Aaron is a very close friend of mine and my brothers.  This is truly turning into a family affair.  Let the training begin….and let this race seperate the women from the boys!

Aaron, Me, and my brother Jimmy

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