Well hello world ! I’m back from Holiday…

I feel that when I put it like that… ” back from Holiday” I sound fancy.  Do I sound fancy ?

This is going to be short and sweet because in true holiday fashion …I am Sick ! EVERY Christmas Holiday I manage to get sick…never fails.  Luckily I was NOT sick when I went home to Ohio…so I feel lucky.

The visit home was super great, but went by way too quickly like it always does.  Getting home more often this year is on the top of my New Years Resolution list.  Crazy to think that this will be the first list that won’t have ” lose a ton of weight” as # 1.   I think the last time that my list didn’t include that as # 1 was back in 1988 when I was 8 . ( I really don’t know if I was 8 in 1988, I’m way too lazy to do the math this morning. )

Anyway… I’m looking forward to relaxing at home this evening and not venturing out into the hustle and drunken bustle of New years night.  I’m going to get this body better and maybe visit the gym tomorrow to say a ” how do ya do?” before my official training starts.

ok kids….carry on…


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2 thoughts on “NYE…

  1. bittercharm says:

    Welcome back, Holly! U were missed. Hope u feeling better now. Happy new year!

  2. Muddy Socks says:

    Feeling so much better, thanks! Happy New Year!

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