A friend just recently said to me… ” I never wanted an easy life, just a brave death.”  I can’t stop digging at those words.   They rang in my ears as I passed the plane crash site on the highway this a.m.  I had just seen the pictures of the family lost in the paper moments before.  I never expected tears to well in my eyes just from the quick glimpse as I traveled on….

I was just posting this pic as that moment came to me….they started as being unrelated…

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5 thoughts on “Haunting..

  1. That’s a great quote. I LIKE it! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. bittercharm says:

    Oh Holly! I feel terrible for leaving you trapped in my stupid words. I know how sometimes a tragedy in some one unknown’s life can shake us to our bones… Only cause we are still human… cause we are still the same. Looking at this picture I can truly believe, “An image can definitely replace a 1000 words… or emotions unknown.”

  3. Muddy Socks says:

    I hope you didn’t mind me using your words from a private conversation. Haunting …is good. Keeps your mind moving, thinking!

  4. jakesprinter says:

    This is great Discovery
    Happy Christmas to you 🙂

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