A step up on 2012…

I’m here playing around with my 2012 calendar and trying to get ready for the New Year.  Wanting to make the most of everything that I have control over. As I was doing this I opened up my computer and started reflecting back on all of the other New Years and grand resolutions that always seemed to fall short.  And usually they fell short very fast.  I would always say ( like most of us, I’m sure ) Jan 1st is THE DAY! It’s when I’m going to start becoming the person I want to be.

I feel so good that for the first time in ….well…ummm…FOREVER..I’ve broken the cycle.  I’m not waiting…haven’t been waiting for the New Year.  I’ve already begun working on where I want to be and damn it feels good.   Following is an email that I sent out Jan 1st 2009 to a group of friends who had expressed wanting to accomplish certain things in their lives.  It was interesting to re-read and see how far I’ve come and the distance that I still need to go.

Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.”

Day #1 of the new us! How exciting is this journey going to be of becoming the people that we want to be?? I feel different this time around, and actually feel energized about the possibilities.  As this New Year approached, I started off by saying “I’m not going to tell anyone my goals for the New Year…I’m just going to do it.”  That seemed like such a safe, smart thing to do…because if I failed…nobody would ever have to know I failed.  I really am a sneaky genius! I set myself up for failure before even beginning…..


NOT AGAIN!…NOT ANOTHER YEAR of the same old empty promises to ourselves. So instead of keeping my goals to myself…I shout them out across this mass mailing. Because life is just too damn short to waste another year of half ass tries. So please help me and support me and I will do the same for you.  A friend said “ I just want my life to be BALANCED…I just want to be WELL.”  She wasn’t sure if it made sense to me.  It made more sense to me then she could have ever known. Because I don’t feel “well”.  I have felt OFF-Balance for longer than I can remember, and I know that my physical health is just the beginning.  I think that all of our individual goals are the little steps that we are climbing to reach that over all “Balanced Life”.  So whatever our goals are..Losing weight,  being more patient, leaving a bad relationship, we owe it to ourselves to start working on that goal TODAY! Life is just too short to put it off any longer…….

We have the goal in our heads…how are we going to achieve it? Because it sure in the hell isn’t going to happen by itself.  If we don’t have a plan and work that plan it will just be another day, another week, another year of not being the person we want to be. 

** I have my January 2012- mapped out with the official beginning of my training …for my ultimate goal of completing a 50k trail race this year.  And I’m more pumped than ever !! 

Have you thought about how you are going to get to where you want to go ?? 

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One thought on “A step up on 2012…

  1. Muddy Socks says:

    YES!! Send me your plan. Let’s keep each other honest here and accomplish what we are setting out to do!! We can do this !!

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