Winter Training …

I DREAD it !!

If it seems like I’ve been spending a lot of time complaining about the cold weather and how it’s playing a big role in all of my “issues” aka = lazy ass syndrome.  It’s because I HAVE.  And you only have 3 more good solid months of my bitching and complaining.  I’m trying to do better…get into a better mind set, but it’s COLD OUT THERE damn it !!!! Brrrrr…..

I did make some progress this weekend.  I started looking at races and trying to begin planning my 2012 race schedule.  Training keeps me motivated.  Makes me stick to what I want to achieve.  But I’m honestly scared of committing. Training through the winter is going to be miserable ! At least I’m assuming so …since I HATE being cold.  Do you have experience training through the winter months? Tell me it’s not so bad…

I’ve heard from ” Liz” a couple of times.  Remember she’s the Ultra Super Woman who owns an Endurance Coaching Company with her husband. She was wondering  if I was still interested in coaching.  I had told her that It was probably not realistically in my budget.  And since that’s one of my big goals for 2012 = to use my brain more.  I would probably be holding off on the professional training.  She obviously believes that I am a running prodigy with even more potential. Not sure how she got all of that from just talking to me on the phone…but it’s very apparent that she’s got the insight.  She has said ” I will work with you….and make sure you achieve what you set out to do.” I’m thinking…she must  see some racing sponsorship possibilities in my future.  Or… the rest of us, hard economical times have hit her business too.

Either way…I’m pumping up myself for Saturday’s race! My goal is to have a better idea of race dates by the weekend and move forward with planning to plan ” The Plan”. !

Me... with my Game Face on...

Let’s talk winter training plans….

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7 thoughts on “Winter Training …

  1. aka Jules says:

    So what is “cold” … the temp here this morning when I ass dragged myself into my running shoes it was 26 degrees and overcast. I was cold for about one minute… and my hands got cold when i had to take off my glove to skip a song on my ipod. But otherwise, I was warm – sweating in fact. Get some ear muffs, polypropylene, and get movin’! 🙂

    Do you listen to music while you run? any suggestions??


    • Muddy Socks says:

      So I’ve been thinking about your comment all morning. I’m guessing because you called me out ! What’s cold ? Cold as of late to me is… 65 ! Yep..I said it 65 ! When I get out of bed in the morning, my thermostat reads 65 and I think ….ohhhh, damn it’s cold ! Too cold to do anything besides get in a hot shower or get back into bed. Here’s my dilema…. I leave for work and it’s dark….I come home at night…it’s dark. I guess I have to put my big girl pants on, get some reflective gear and get running. No way I’m training on a treadmill !
      Music…ahhhh…yes ! Let’s share playlists !!

      26 degrees?!? You rock! ….thanks for the push Jules, just what I needed 🙂

  2. bittercharm says:

    I tried a sprinting in my school (not that I was much success) and mostly ran in 100m and 300m races up to state level, but I always envied people who could run long distance (as if today, I can’t). You are doing great in wanting to run even through the winters. I think of going out for a jog every morning and give up looking at the fog. So you are not wrong in feeling beat too, it’s only human. But whatever I have known about you from your blog, you have acted beyond human in the past, so you can do this too. Making a plan for next year sounds great. I might be relocating this year, to possibly a much colder region I currently live in, hence I need to get really strong. I had leukemia as a child, that has reduced my immunity very low and I hate it when people fuss around me about it. so I am going to train to get stronger this year, with job out of the way I have high hopes. All the best to you girl!

    P.S. : You look super cool in that pic.

    • Muddy Socks says:

      About running long distances. You CAN if you WANT to. I’ve trained a few ( 2 ) different ways. 1.) Running until I thought I would die from a heart attack or from the boredom of my feet pounding the pavement. 2.) and with a Run/Walk method. Since using the Run/Walk…I will NEVER go back to running long distances non-stop.! For what? Who do I need to impress? It’s about getting healthy and actually enjoying what I’m doing. If it’s something you are interested in ..check out Jeff Galloway.

  3. T.M. says:


  4. Bindu John says:

    I have never experienced the real winter and I don’t know how it is out there in the snow, training. Must be real hard because I too hate cold weather. But you look determined, happy and strong, and I feel you can achieve your goals. Good luck, dear friend!

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