Free for All ..

So … I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting my butt motivated lately.  I have good intentions…but my follow through has been…well…non-existent!  I pack my bag the night before anticipating my early morning trip to the gym.  The alarm goes off and I instantly hit snooze! … I justify my non-movement by thinking ” it’s way too cold to get out of this bed.”  What is wrong with me ?? Have the winter blues set in already ?  A bit too early in the season, no ?? Ok…so plan B !! Gym AFTER work.  I’ve been super lucky recently because on all of my Plan B days…I’ve been stuck in traffic for 2 hours or more…which is a definite acceptable excuse to skip the gym..right ??

I’m so scared of getting into winter hum drum of doing NOTHING! I know it’s early…but I really want to get into a routine. How do you stay motivated during this season? With it getting darker earlier, cold outside.  What’s your secret?

Today I packed my bag and went straight to the gym after work.  Round 2 of Spinning class…. was AWESOME! The instructor rocked the class, was really motivating and I felt so much better going into it then last time. Maybe it was the Pump Fuel that I consumed on my commute home. Maybe it was Rita’s <( Super Spin Instructor ) peppy motivational ” Push yourself !! This is about YOU!” or/and her kick ass music playlist.  Whatever it was pushed me, had me walking out of there feeling AMAZING!!

One of my favorite parts of the class tonight was when Rita yells ” NUGENT” !!!!! into her microphone as this comes blaring out..

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5 thoughts on “Free for All ..

  1. Frankie says:

    I’m the worst at being motivated to exercise. It is just so hard! Especially in the cold. I definitely feel your pain.

    I don’t think my advice is great because I stopped exercising regularly like a year and a half ago and I haven’t been motivated to restart. But when I was doing it, I’d ask myself which end of day felt better, one where I’d done it or one where I hadn’t. 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. bittercharm says:

    On the name of advice I have none… I am staying at home from past couple of months and that means working out at home… and it leaves me with plenty of ways to excuse myself from not doing what I want to do and be miserable later on. I used to work out every day till about first quarter of this year and now I am slumped at home… but I am thinking of making a list or schedule for myself that will include work out as mandate, else some punishment. Rewards will also be added accordingly. Why don’t you jam with me on this…? I can check with you every day if you worked out today or not… Nagging can do wonders sometimes, especially for someone like me. All the best 🙂

    • Muddy Socks says:

      That’s what I need to do…make a list. I’m way more productive when I make a list that I can scratch things off as I do them. Let me get my list, my schedule and actually start doing it….then nag away. Please! 😉

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Great entry,I love the sound 🙂

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