Blog Envy…

… I’m guessing is much like how a woman envies the size of another woman’s shoe collection…


… how a man envies the size of another mans……boat?

I have no interest in either of those subjects…but I do know this… I’m an envious Blogger.  There I said it ! …I’m not proud of it, but I’m saying it how it is.  When I started writing here I was sure that it would be just for ME.  For my own accountability ..a place to vent..somewhere to empty me.  But damn it, it’s easy to get sucked into the whole blogging realm !! You start peeking over here and there wondering what others have to say about the same subjects that you write about.  THEN you start linking off of links and jumping from page to page, and after the hours have passed you have no clue where you even started. … But you might have discovered a few more interests that you didn’t even know you had.

Something that starts as a journal for your self….quickly turns into a Stats war.  Am I alone  here? Am I the only one who is constantly checking their stats? Wondering why one day I get minimal hits, and another day they’re through the roof ? The one day that I had a record number of hits…one of my tags was ” head in ass” .  Do that many people really go looking for info on heads in asses?? What are these people looking for ? Hmmm…maybe I just had a brilliant moment!!! … What if I put a ” bad” word as a tag for everyone one of my posts? Do you think my stats would benefit ? I know the point isn’t to have the largest number of followers, but really….who doesn’t enjoy seeing their stat numbers rising?

It’s hard not to wonder if some of these people have jobs.  You go to their site and it’s constantly changing and bustling with activity.  There are contests to be won with free give-a-ways, sponsors, Clothing lines, cult followings of comments in the hundreds! Crazy though….with all of that excitement happening and how it perplexes my mind.  My most favorite blog is the most simplest.  Standard white page, simple words and simple thoughts.  Never a picture to derail your thought…just simple messages.  I first wanted to copy Leo’s style from Zen Habits .   WHO outwardly says in their writings… ” Copy anything you want from here.  Share anything, you don’t need my permission. Nothing is copyrighted.” ?? … Leo does.

But then I thought more into the simplified site.  How could I not give my fans what they crave ?? Who am I to deny them pictures of meatballs ??

So what IS the key to a good blog? Simplicity? Give-a-ways? Pictures of meatballs ? Dirty words ? < ( Dirty word of the day= Blog )

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6 thoughts on “Blog Envy…

  1. BigDogjn says:

    Good question! I have no clue…
    To me my blog is a success if one person says…hey… i got something out of that.
    Everyone loves feedback, but I try not to take a lack of response or views personally. In this day and age the average attention span is something like 15 seconds. We were doomed before we even started…
    Yeah, we could put a little “head” or some “ass” in every post, but is that REALLY the audience we want?…well…maybe sometimes.
    But no matter what I love the liberation of writing what I want , how I want, when I want.
    Love me or leave me alone!

  2. Jimmy says:

    The key is the intended audience. As I finish a blog, I tell my wife. And then I stare at her as she reads it. She likes pictures.

    • Muddy Socks says:

      I agree …it really is about the Intended audience. I say much out of jest sometimes….well most of the time. I do the opposite…I want nobody reading my blog before it’s posted. Because then I get the ” ummm…I don’t get this.” ” Why did you put this ? ” ” What about putting a picture of me ? ” LOL….
      Thanks for commenting Jimmy ! << ( I don't know any other Jimmy's except for my favorite person. Made me smile! )

  3. I think the best blogger is the one who does it for them self. It’s your place to write your thoughts, and decorate it as you please.

  4. Bindu John says:

    You said it. Some blogs are so lively with activities, comments and visitors. Can’t help envying.
    I have just a small blog with minimum number of readers. Definitely I would love to have more (who doesn’t?).
    There is no specific magic formula for a successul post. However, we all prefer reading something straightforward, unassuming, honest, simple and personal. That’s why I like your blog! 🙂

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