Get your head ..

… out of your ASS !

Here is a truth.

I will spend hours upon hours researching and reading up on training plans, fitness, trail running. Reading blogs. But when it comes to my body and health and doing the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing…I’m lazy.  Really lazy !

Having Weight Loss Surgery was the easy part.  Breaking old habits…not so easy.  There are a few things that I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life.  When I start to feel not so well…it’s then that I start evaluating these things.  ” Ahhh…I’m cold and tired. Guess I will start taking my iron.”

Being 13 months out and have lost my weight it’s easy to forget all the stuff that I’m supposed to be doing.  But I can’t.  I need to refocus.  I will whine a moment and say’s a bit overwhelming with all of the supplements you need to take.  And when to take them.  And in what combination is allowed and not.  Aspirin ok ? Time released medication ? NyQuil ? Gel Capsules ? All of this stuff I would need to refer to my owner’s manual that I got when I purchased my new tiny belly ( besides the Time released medication, because I just read the answer on another blog 😉   So I just opt out of it all. Much easier that way.

Water. Another topic that I’m an expert on. << Seriously, I really do think that I am.  And I have the yellow urine to prove it ! Don’t drink 30 minutes before meals…OR 30 minutes after meals. With sleeping, eating, and then drinking coffee the other 12 hours of the day …leaves little time to get my water in.  I’m contemplating << this means it’s a big FAT MAYBE …that I might stop drinking coffee at noon.  ( except for weekends of course! )To make for more time to get my water in.  I’ve been feeling a bit crappy as of lately…and really couldn’t put my finger on it, besides of course it being very uncomfortable walking around with my head in my rear.  As I dug into the symptoms of dehydration…I was amazed at all the symptoms I have.  Of course most of the symptoms were the same as being deficient in most of my supplements, and about a hundred different diseases…. but I’m chalking these symptoms up to .. needing to get my shit together!! What a simple fix! I just need to do it.

Things that I’m supposed to have been doing and ” haven’t been doing very well at. ”

– Drinking my water 64 oz ( need to check the manual on this ). I’ve been drinking NONE

–  Taking my supplements.  Multi-vitamin and B12 . I rock!

– Taking my Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C… well … not so rocking.

– Protein Drink everyday.  4/5 out of 7 days .. kinda ..not so horribly bad?

– Go to support group meetings ?  … well tomorrow is a new day, right ?

– Get blood work done. After 3 months, 6 months, a year? … definitely my New Years Resolution!

Here it is ..I have just laid it all out there for the world to see.  I’m going to do better…and I’ve started today!

bending over and starting to pull…” 

** Note – no comments from friends, family and loved ones on this post. Thank you 🙂 

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8 thoughts on “Get your head ..

  1. bigdogjn says:

    LOL Despite your note (we are friends of the blogiverse in my head) I’m leaving this comment! There are a lot of pills to pop with this process huh?! I got “lucky” in that regard because I already popped a million for my diabetes so I simply substituted one set of pills for another. What makes things a little easier for me are the new gummy versions of things they have. My multivitamin and my calcium both come in gummy form so taking them is more like eating a few healthy gummi bears!
    Stay Healthy my friend! (I’m stuck on that today dont mind me…)

    • Holly says:

      Thank you for the comment my friend ! 😉 I think Will look into the gummies.. At least for my Calcium. Are you going to support meetings? I’m going to my first tomorrow.

  2. ennospace says:

    I’m going to do better too!! lol~~

  3. I’m pretty bad at water too. I’ll get good for a week, and then I stop. I guess there are apps for it…If that might help.
    I’m also really bad at remembering to take my vitamins too.
    Maybe put a post it in your pocket with a reminder?

    • Muddy Socks says:

      Of COURSE their is an App. !! LOL !! …
      I will then need another post…to remind me to read my post in my pocket 😉
      I have my water bottle on my desk … I just need to do it ! I did better yesterday and am already feeling better.

  4. Bindu says:

    Rules related to diet are very hard to follow esp when we have to change what we have been following. Enjoyed reading this :).

  5. Oh man…I suck at drinking water AND motivating to work out, I can talk the talk alright but….

  6. As a scientist – I could tell you a million common plants – than when the leaves are included in your next salad – will boost you like a super star – or try Floradix! It’s all natural and tastes great – one little itty capful a day makes you stronger!

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