Serve me up a Slice…

… of Humble Pie.

Trying to figure out the best way to cross train and get into some type of schedule.  ( Something tells me this might be a long ongoing process ) My shins are still feeling my Thanksgiving 8 mile run.  So I decided to try something new today.  I had always wanted to try a Spinning Class.  What better time than the present?

Here’s where I should be served up a slice…

Over this past year I’ve lost 125 lbs.  As a fat girl all of my life…to a thinner version… it’s a whole new world.  Little, simple things that average sized people take for granted, are like new gifts everyday.  Wearing a belt, tucking in a shirt , Running without massive boob pain afterwards…the list is never ending.  All of the things that I never experienced, along with settling into my new body…takes a toll on your stride…your walk.  Yes, your walk.  I walk a little taller.  My shoulders back and my head a bit higher.  I make eye contact. Then…throw in completing a half marathon? Well….I might add a little shake to my strut.  Why do I tell you this? Because it’s the truth..a realization.  And well …because I know none of you, and can say so with no shame or embarrassment.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t believe for a second that I’m full of myself or better than anyone.  But … I’m guessing I started to have a more than a tiny  tiny bit of an unrealistic athletic perception of myself.  ” well…Yes, I did just run the Philly half marathon.  Now I’m training for trail races.  A 50k is in my future.”   As I respond to comments on my hm running jacket that I wear EVERYWHERE !  … yes, add the jacket..and it’s like throwing gasoline on an already blazing fire.

So… imagine my surprise when I had to sit in my saddle for most of the Spinning class.  Actual thoughts went through my head wondering if it was a normal feeling to want to vomit ? Reality checks are good. Even needed. I’m not too proud to say that a piece of Humble pie is exactly what my mind was craving.  I need to be kept in check…but at the same time reminding myself how far I’ve come.  A work in progress….always.

ONE more crazy realization….

That ” Humble Pie” …is an actual PIE!

1 unbaked pie shell, fit into a pie pan (made from scratch or purchased)




  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Peel, core and dice apples.
  3. Mix with the cranberries and brown sugar.
  4. Place into pie shell.
  5. Place the walnuts in a processor and pulse for 5 seconds.
  6. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until blended but still crumbly. (You can also chop the nuts by hand with the back of a large spoon and blend them with the rest of the ingredients.).
  7. Spoon topping over the pie and bake for 20 minutes at 425 degrees, then turn oven down to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes more.
  8. Cover top with foil to prevent from darkening too much.
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