The Goal … And the Price to get it ?

I want to run an Ultra- Trail Race.  There it is ! No reason to build it up with suspense for some non fulfilling climax.  A 50k to be exact.  Why or how I picked that race? Not really sure.  I think it’s as simple as …I’ve done a half marathon, the next expected race for me would be the marathon.  I hate doing expected and assuming.  If I’m going to do 26.2 , why not just be a bit of an over achiever and go for the 31 ? Of course there’s always the 50 miler or 100k …but let’s be honest…that’s just fucking nuts ! ( keep checking back to see when I decide to lose my mind )

The half marathon for me was pretty cut and dry.  Find a plan, and then work the plan.  The 50k trail has so many more aspects.  It’s not just about going the distance, but being able to tolerate the time on your feet and fueling your body properly.  There is a lot that goes into preparing for an Ultra.  I have a few added challenges, because I’m still learning my tiny belly and what it can handle during  endurance training.  I want to prepare properly and finish…alive.  A ” DNF”… is something that is not an option.  I will NOT work months, greet race day with a competitive smile and then go home with a DNF…nope.

So here I am… kind of walking around in circles, a tiny bit lost.  Where do I start?? I’m thinking of following a marathon training plan, incorporating strength training, and then will have to start digging into nutritional needs.  Will I need a crew ? With all of the info on the web…I can’t seem to find a true Beginners Ultra training plan that covers everything.  Into my crazy thought process I find Elizabeth  a trainer in my area that does just this type of thing.  Training for whatever your adventure/endurance goal may be.  I will call her “Liz” to protect her identity.    Liz is an Ultra running pro with many 100 mile races under her belt.  Do I go as far as spending some $$ on someone who is versed in this whole craziness or tackle this myself ?  How much is reasonable to invest in my crazy goal ?

Trainer or No Trainer ??

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4 thoughts on “The Goal … And the Price to get it ?

  1. jakesprinter says:

    There is always an answer for every question
    This blog is Great Holly, keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I don’t have any experience training for an ultra so I don’t have any good advice for you! I think your Google research is a good start. Ask lots of questions on Twitter too, people are REALLY helpful on there.

  3. bigdogjn says:

    I can’t imagine running further than to the end of my street (yet!) so you are already my hero! You seem so determined I know you’ll be successful! Good luck!!

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