Planning the plan..

Is a pain in the ASS !!  …I feel like I’ve been planning my workout schedule for weeks, when it’s realistically only been a day.  I’m determined to be productive at the gym and go in there with a mission.  I’m going to call this plan… ” Fight the hideous Flabby Arm Fat” mission! .. So yea, I Really want to take the cold, dreary weather and make it a productive season.  Put my ass in the gym and sweat it off !

I bought ” The New Rules of Lifting for Women” book probably 2 years ago.  I started the program half ass…but am ready to give it another go.  It really does take  some planning and time to get their schedule down.  But I did most of the work 2 years ago and still have all of my sticky notes and tabs hanging in the book.

Because I know that world yearns to know how I make this body sweat…I will update soon with my revamped workout schedule with an emphasis on Fighting the Hideous Flabby Arm Fat …

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