Setting the stage

I’ve been putting this off for a long while.  Two years long.  Getting back into the blogging scene.

I’m constantly thinking…my mind always moving, writing…but the work of a successful blog is just that. Work!  It takes a lot of dedication, time, follow through to keep it current.  But with the many requests to hear my mind ( hey, it’s MY blog! ha ) I have decided  to jump back into this all consuming world.   More so than anything I love to hear others that share my same trials, and hear their successes.  Keeps me focused and reminded that all things really are possible.  Our success in our goals will be fueled by the attitude we put into them.  The more positive and driven… the bigger the fire.  All I can say to 2012 is ” Burn baby burn !” 😉

Oh …and yes, I am the queen of corny inspirational rambles !



2 thoughts on “Setting the stage

  1. bigdogjn says:

    I love corny inspirational rambleS! LOL I’m going to follow you…it’s good to know there is another person out there getting back in to this blogging thing at the same time I am and that had the bypass like i did (7 days ago today)! See ya around! I look forward to the reading!

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